Pretzel Illustration


Try our crisp baked pretzel along with your favorite smoothie. Salt, cinnamon and cheese can be added.

Muffin Illustration


Our delicious muffins are baked to perfection, using all natural ingredients. 

Energy Drink Illustration

Energy Drinks

Need some fuel to keep your day going? Try one of our healthy energy drinks!

Protein Energy Bar Illustration

Protein/Energy Bars

The perfect energy bar to consume before your workout. Come grab one today!

Mixed Nuts Illustration

Mixed Nuts

Great to give you some energy and a perfect snack, we sell mixed nuts for you to munch on.

Smoothie Illustration


Our tornadoes are an interesting concoction of leftover smoothies that create a delicious new smoothie invention.

Vegan Suncake Illustration

Vegan Suncakes

Our Vegan Suncakes are a delicious option for you to snack on. They are sweet and pair well with many of our smoothies!

Vegan Cookie Illustration

Vegan Cookies

Our Vegan Cookies are delicious and a healthy option for your sweet tooth!